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William Klein: “Photo reportages need context” – British Journal of Photography

William Klein: “Photo reportages need context” – British Journal of Photography.

He says: “Yesterday evening I saw a screening of photographs and it reminded me a little about this old joke: it’s a tourist who comes back from a trip and he tells the story of when he saw a leper. He had two stumps instead of hands. So the other guy asked him: ‘What did you give him?’… ‘I gave him f/8 125.’ And I felt this yesterday evening.”

Beautiful images are not enough…

This is the failure of education, ideology and intellect. This is why the industry fails to attract capital from the outside world. This is why the photographic agencies run by the perpetuators of this ideological paradigm will not be the centre of the revolution that is coming.

When I say revolution, I do not mean technological or some sort of violent overthrow based on the misery of the masses. It is through research and the application of a more self aware ideology where the public are not patronised and engaged instead.
Remove this layer of moral superiority within the ivory towers of the art, gallery, academic, photographic and agency world free from the scrutiny of the public and the audience might start listening….

This is a strong statement but lets ask a few questions:-

1. Do the public know that there is suffering in the world?
2. Do people know disease exists in the world?
3. Do the public believe in the visions of Africa given by the photographic world as fair?
4. Do the public understand that capitalism is not perfect?
5. Do the public know that disease kills the poor more than the rich?
6. Do the public understand that war has some pretty brutal and visceral acts on the edge of human behaviour?

I think the answer to all of these, is a resounding “YES”. Next question is to ask “What value is being added here by photojournalism?”


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